Ahihi Bay

Ahihi Bay is located in the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve in the island of Maui. The area provides one of the best snorkeling in the island of Maui and has cove for all levels of snorkelers.

There are loads of fishes and one can admire the vast amount of coral and marine life in the island in this area. The place is a nice spot for beginning snorkelers and the north end of the bay is the best for entering the water.

Best time to go snorkeling is in the morning before it gets windy and the waves pick up. There is a turtle cleaning station nearby and turtle sightings are a great possibility. Fishing is prohibited in the area to protect the natural reserve of marine life.

Sunscreen damages coral and marine life so care should be taken while wearing those for snorkeling and other marine activities. Popular activities in the area also include just relaxing in the sandy area and sunbathing on the shore.

The place offers rugged adventure while the private beach area has some of the best snorkeling and diving facilities. The area is also located near the big beach and the Ahihi Kinau Marine Reserve makes sure the nature is protected.

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