Akaka Falls

Akaka Falls State Park is located 11 miles north of Hilo along the old Mamalahoa highway. The 422 foot waterfall is stunning and certainly worth the drive up the slopes of Mauna Kea’s east side.

Once you arrive it is a $1.00 per person entry fee and locals are Free. There is a half mile loop trail that is paved and has handrails. You will walk through rain forest and over streams before arriving at this magnificent water feature.

Kahūnā Falls is located just down stream from Akaka Falls and is just as picturesque. Guava and passionfruit do grow wild along the trail, however it is not recommended that you eat the fruit off the ground.

Because it is in the rainforest, be prepared for rain as it rains throughout the day quite often. There is restrooms next to the parking lot.

Enjoy this Hawaiian beauty and remember Take only Pictures and Leave only Footprints.

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