Banzai Pipeline

Banzai Pipeline is one of the most famous surf spots in the world for surfers with aspirations of catching big waves and for onlookers wanting a glimpse at the intense power of Mother Nature.

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Located off Sunset Beach Park in Pūpūkea on O’ahu’s North Shore, Banzai Pipeline features a surf reef break where the waves break when they reach the shallow part of the reef producing monster sized waves. On average the waves are around 9 feet but can reach up to 20 feet in the winter months.

Only seasoned surfers are encouraged to enter the water and over the years the lives of many surfers and surf photographers have been claimed by the ocean. The large waves makes Banzai Pipeline an ideal spot for numerous surfing competitions including Pipe Masters, Volcom Pipe Pro, and the Pipeline Bodysurfing Classic.

The location got its name in 1961 when famed surf movie producer Bruce Brown was scouting locations for his next movie. His crew filmed at the then unnamed beach and he knew this remarkable surf spot needed a name.

They took the first part of the name from the beach it was located on and the second part of the name from the coincidental fact that there was road construction fronting the beach that day and workers were laying an underground pipeline.

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