Barking Sands Beach

Not many have the opportunity to say that they have been one of the lucky to have visited Barking Sands Beach on Kaua`i’s West Side, but those who have visited agree that Barking Sands Beach is one of the most picturesque spots on the island and a truly exceptional Hawaiian beach.

Barking Sands Beach is located within the grounds of the Pacific Missile Range Facility (PMRF) and access to the beach is restricted to those with badges. Civilians can visit the beach if they have a sponsor or if they apply for a special pass.

Nestled between Polihale Beach and Kekaha, Barking Sands Beach is a stretch of beach featuring powder soft white sand and crystal blue waters set within the background of beautiful Kaua`i.

The beach got its very interesting name by the special sands that, when large amounts of sand are moved, actually sound like a barking dog. The barking noise is caused by microscopic holes in each grain of sand that cause vibrations as they sands rub against one another.

For those lucky enough to visit Barking Sand Beach, a secluded Hawaiian getaway can be expected as the beach rarely ever gets crowded ensuring an isolated VIP experience!


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