Best Beaches on Maui For Swimming

HawaiiImage courtesy of Madison Hatchie.

We have listed the best beaches on Maui for Swimming

Makena Beach
Located on Maui’s South Shore, Makena Beach is a mile long stretch of golden-orange sand and a brilliant blue-green water just beckoning swimmers to take a plunge. Known for its inclined shoreline and large shore break, Makena Beach has gentle waves and large expansive area to swim.


Image courtesy of Madison Hatchie.

Kama`ole Beach Park
Kama`ole Beach Park on Maui’s South Shore is a collection of three beaches numbered 1, 2, and 3. Kama`ole 3 is known for its wide, grassy area popular for picnicking and parties. Kama`ole 2 is the smallest of the beaches with the most surf. And Kama`ole 1 is the largest with the best areas for swimming. The soft white sand extends into the ocean creating a tranquil area for visitors to swim and relax in the warm waters.

Ka`anapali Beach
Located on Maui’s West Coast fronting many popular resorts, you’ll find Ka`anapali Beach. The calm waters slowly lap on the white sand shore where you’ll find many sunbathers relaxing in the warm Hawaiian sun. The reef further out creates a protection from the open waters making this a great spot for a swim.

Wai`anapanapa State Park
Located on Maui’s East Shore, Wai`anapanapa State Park is a secret oasis for visitors looking for a spot to swim. The large black sand beach contrasts with the bright blue ocean and the brilliant green flora & fauna creating a haven away from the bustle of the big cities. Caves and caverns are sprinkled throughout the area, a perfect spot for a swimmer to explore.

Kaihalulu Beach
South of Hana Bay you’ll find the secluded gem of Kaihalulu Beach. To enter the beach you’ll have to cross private property so be sure to get permission first. Once hiking a trail along a cliff you’ll find the hidden escape of Kaihalulu Beach. The lava sea wall off shore creates calmer waters safe for swimming and the seclusion of the spot is a draw for naked sunbathers and swimmers.

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