Big Island Most Popular Things To Do

Hapuna Beach, Hawaii

What to do on the big island of Hawaii?

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We have compiled a list of things to do on your vacation to the Big Island of Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii is larger than all of the other islands combined in land area. That being said It is still an island and it is possible to see the entire island in your visit in one day with just a few stops along the way. But why rush through the island, when you can take your time?

In order to see all of the hidden gems and experience much of what the big island has to offer you will have to get out there and explore.

It is common for visitors to stay centrally located on either the Hilo or Kona side of the Big Island during their visit, but you travel around the island.

Take your time and circle the island. This Big Island list here can be done in 3 to 7 days depending on how much time you have. Click through the slide show to see the list. 

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