Black Rock Beach

On the West side of Maui, Black Rock is a geographic location that divides Ka`anapali beach in half.

Also known as Pu`u Keka`a this is a large lava rock which sits nearshore in ocean waters. On hot days many locals and tourists enjoy jumping off the South end of the rock while others opt to snorkel in the crystal clear waters below.

Most snorkelers stay on the side closer to the beach but the best snorkeling takes place in the horseshoe shaped area fronting the open ocean.

Here many snorkelers see a wide variety of colorful fish, coral, and sea turtles swimming freely in the warm Hawaiian waters but be aware of the strong currents and always be sure to never snorkel alone.

Nightly there is a torch ceremony hosted by the Sheraton Hotel whose property is anchored right into Black Rock Beach. A diver climbs the lava rock with a lit torch and tosses the torch into the water and leaps into the water after the torch.

This ceremony harkens back to the ancient Hawaiian legend of Black Rock that souls of warriors left the earth from this point—leaping from this world to meet their ancestors on the other side.


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