Canyon Trail

The canyon trail is a unique trail down the Waimea canyon in the island of Kauai. The Waimea canyon is also known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific and the canyon trail lives up to the name offering some fine scenery along the way.

The trail descends through thick green canopy of trees while there are also some unusual wild flowers on the way. Chirping birds add music to the trip and make it a peaceful and scenic getaway. Initially the canyon views are limited but then as one moves along, the views get dramatic and the green cliff gives way to distant ocean view.

The Waipio waterfalls are further down while a smaller waterfall that feeds the other is also visible if one moves along the growth of plants and shrubs that hide the view of the waterfall. The trail can be slippery during rain and have chilly temperatures in high elevation. It is advisable to wear lightweight hiking clothes, trousers and shoes.

The canyon trail leads through a thick jungly forest and exposed ridge but offers great views of the canyon while the small pool above the waterfall makes for a great relaxing destination during the trail.

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