China Walls

Tucked away in a neighborhood of Hawai`i Kai on O`ahu’s South Shore, China Walls is a treasure of a find for those seeking breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean. Located at Koko Kai Mini Beach Park, visitors can walk along a little path which will take them to the rocky cliffs which are China Walls.

The rock walls are stunning formations with swirling colors of brown, tan, and white; examples of the elegance and splendor of nature. It is a spot for well-seasoned surfers and body boarders but visitors are urged to stay out of the water.

Avoiding wet patches of rock and even the edges are advised as a waves are known to crash into the walls and sweep people into the water. Some sets of waves are known to crash into the wall creating loud and violent noises which can be startling as well as awe-inspiring.

During calmer seas, you can often see locals jumping off the cliffs into the waters or even fisherman perched on lawn chairs fishing directly into the Pacific. There is no sand at this “beach” but visitors are known to bask in the warm Hawaiian sun, watch surfers catch waves, and take in magnificent views of the ocean.

China Walls

China Walls

Surfing China Wall.

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