Coconut Island

Located just a couple miles from downtown Hilo on Banyan Dr., this small island known today as “Coconut Island” is connected to the Liliuokalani Gardens park by a footbridge.

In the Hawaiian language the island is known as Moku ola, which literally translates to “island of life” since the location was an ancient temple known for its healing. Legend tells that anyone who was sick or feeling ill would be healed by swimming around Moku Ola three times.

There is some limited swimming in the area surrounding the island. It is not uncommon to see green sea turtles swimming in the area around the garden.

It is a wonderful place for a picnic, with a view of Mauna Kea and downtown Hilo.

View of Moku Ola from Liliu'okalani Park. Image Credit: Alaskadave on

View of Moku Ola from Liliu’okalani Park. Image Credit: Alaskadave on