D. T. Fleming Beach Park

D. T. Fleming beach park is a beach located in the north western shore of the island of Maui and offers plenty of space and relaxation in the arms of nature. Tall ironwood and palm trees offer shade from the sun in this thriving beach destination.

Among the facilities available in the park include picnic tables, showers and restrooms and picnic is a pleasurable activity in the park area. Other popular activities include swimming and snorkeling when the waters are calm and the place is popular with body boarders and surfers especially in the winter months.

The park is situated on low sand dunes and there is a stretch of long white sand beach. Even though surfing is popular in the area, shore breaks can be dangerous and should be avoided. The beach has been named as America’s best beach and consistently ranks as one of the best beaches in the world.

The beach has been named after D. T. Fleming who is responsible for introducing the fruit of pineapple to the western Maui region. The beach park is a public area located in Kapalua east of Slaughterhouse beach and Mokuleia bay.

The beach is popular not just as a surfing and body boarding destination but also a place to relax in the sands and waters.

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