Deadman’s Catwalk

Located in Hawai`i Kai on the island of `Oahu, Deadman’s Catwalk is a hike technically located on private property.

The land is owned by Kamehameha Schools and the Department of Hawaiian Homelands and was known as the Kamehameha Ridge hike until 2012 when vandals spray-painted the words “Deadman’s Catwalk” on a portion of the hike and moniker stuck ever since.

The forty-minute hike is ranked as an easy level hike with a relatively flat path without many drop-offs but the liability to owners caused them to enforce a no trespassing order and discourage any one from hiking the path.  Kamehameha Schools even went so far as to ask bloggers to remove directions to the hike to stop curious hikers from attempting the hike.

The draw of Deadman’s Catwalk is a slab of concrete that seemingly leads to nowhere on which many hikers in the past enjoyed posing upon. The slab is thought to have been a launch pad for hang gliders in the 1970’s and is now fenced in to further discourage people from standing atop it.

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