Four Hawaiian Treks which Guarantee Breathtaking Scenery

Four Hawaiian Treks which guarantee Breathtaking Scenery

Whether looking for volcano, craters, waterfalls or adventurous trails, outdoor enthusiasts will find some of the most amazing trails on the planet on the Hawaiian Islands. Lace up your hiking shoes and prepare to enjoy walks through tropical forests, along mountain ridges and spectacular Pacific Ocean views. Just remember to wear light, airy, fast drying clothes when hiking through Hawaii; especially forego the jeans. They might look cool but they will make you sweat more. Here is a brief guide to some of the best hiking trails on the Island.

  1. Koko Head Crater Trail, Oahu

Located in Koko Head Park on the East side of Oahu, the 200-acre Koko Crater is one of three craters on the island. Getting to the top is an accomplishment. The reward for reaching your goal is expansive views of the East and South sides of the island and Hanauma Bay. The crater is an ideal short workout. It doesn’t take long to reach the top by climbing a very long set of 1,048 stairs on an old railroad track. Don’t forget to stretch in the middle. Taking the ridge route is a bit more strenuous. Visit the beautiful wildflowers in the 60-acre Koko Crater Botanical Garden within the Koko Head. If you don’t want to venture by yourself, there’s a great Koko Head Sunrise Hike Tour available.

  1. Kalalau Coast Trail, Na Pali Coast, Kauai

This 2-day, 22-mile long trail is Hawaii’s best known walking route. The trail starts on the North Side of Kauai, and is gently graded with many switchbacks crossing numerous streams. At the trail’s end, Kalalau Beach, explore the valley or hop into a kayak. Camp here for the night and wake up to a spectacular sunrise. Along the return trip, visit the impressive 1,400 feet Hanakoa Falls nestled in the Hanakoa Valley.

  1. Akaka Falls, Hamakua Coast, Big Island

A short hiking trail takes you to the top of this 422-foot waterfall in 5 minutes. Enjoy the mist and thunderous sounds of this giant. Then take a long walk in Akaka Falls State Park. Stop at the next waterfall, Kahuna Falls, standing at 400 feet. Legend has it that the warrior Chief Akaka threw himself off a nearby cliff in a fit of remorse for his extramarital affairs. His wife was ready to forgive him, but it was too late. While calling his name from the top of the cliff and sobbing, her tears formed these waterfalls. His two lovers, in neighboring valleys cried upon his death, forming two smaller waterfalls.

  1. Puu Huluhulu Trail, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Puu Huluhulu means “hairy hill.” A volcano erupted here in 1969, spewing lava up to 1,770 feet high (taller than the Empire State Building). As you walk the trail, you will see lava trees, remnants of lava fragments and rainforest. At the top are excellent views of the current volcano eruption site of Pu’u ʻōʻō and Mauna Ulu or “growing mountain,” a large shield volcano.


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