Hanalei Beach

Hanalei Beach is located in Hanalei bay on the north shore of the Hawaii island of Kauai. This picturesque beach is 3 miles long with silky soft sand and plenty of room to layout and relax.

Known as a surfers Disneyland, in the winter time, the waves are big and full of action. This white sand beach is located between the Hanalei River to the east and Waipa River to the west.
There is also a pier on the north east side of the beach. Originally built of wood the pier was rebuilt because of the difficulty to maintain it in the harsh tropical climate, the wood was finally substituted by concrete decks.

The pier was originally used to load and off load sugar and other goods for shipping. But once that was abandoned, the pier has become a gathering place for the citizens of Hanalei. The pier has also been the main filming locations of Hollywood films like Beachhead and South Pacific.

The land at the base of the pier is Kauai county park also called the Black Bot beach which is also a popular camping area. Adjacent to the north of the pier is the mouth of the Hanalei river where there are public boating facilities for recreational and commercial use.

The small boat ramp makes it possible for kayaks to be launched in the Hanalei river for peddling. The Hanalei pier is the calmest spot for children to play in the surf and among other activities, swimming, surfing, body boarding, fishing is recommended.

Other than that just relaxing on the beach or walking or viewing the sunset can be pleasurable pastimes in the Hanalei pier.


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