Kapoho Water Wonders

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Hawaii’s Big Island contains countless hidden gems ideal for swimming and snorkeling. In Kapoho, you will find stunning reef protected areas ideal for water activities.  The Champagne Ponds and Kapoho Tidepools are two fantastic locations within walking distance from each other.  In this article, we will share exclusive details of these secret island wonders.

Kapoho Water Wonders

Champagne Ponds

Kapoho’s Champagne Ponds are uniquely filled with fresh water and the ocean’s salt water. The pond’s combination of fresh and salt water creates occasional bubbles in the pond – hence the name, “Champagne Ponds”.  The pond is primarily heated by geothermal heat from the island’s many active volcanoes. The ponds are calm, cozy, and easy to swim in– an ideal swimming spot for families. The pond’s current is safe and there are plenty of shallow areas for standing. When visiting Champagne Ponds, remember not to enter the ocean. The Champagne Ponds are relaxed, safe but the ocean is not. It is also a wise idea to bring water shoes – the pond’s bottom is rocky. Sunscreen, bathing suits, and towels are of course a must for this serene swim.

 Kapoho Tidepools

For gigantic tidepools filled with gorgeous tropical fish and even sea turtles, visit Kapoho’s Tidepools. This is a prime snorkeling spot that you must visit, especially if you have already taken a swim at Champagne Ponds. When venturing to the tidepools be sure to bring a map and don’t be afraid to ask for directions, the pools can be tricky to find. Expect to walk about 0.25 miles from the parking lot to the tidepools. The tidepools are a great place to snorkel if you are experienced or if it’s your first time.  There are a large variety of tidepools from calm and simple to complex and rugged. We recommend visiting the Kapoho Tidepools about 2 to 3 hours after the tide begins to come in, you will experience a parade of fish come past you that will truly make you think you have entered an aquarium. Once again, we encourage you to bring water shoes, sunscreen, bathing suits, and towels. It is also a great idea to bring an underwater camera for stunning snorkeling images you will not want to forget.

On the Big Island there is plenty to see! Make the most out of your holiday by combining trips of nearby locations, like the Champagne Ponds and Kapoho Tidepools. Both of these locations are wonderful for adults and children. Whether you are on a romantic get-away, family vacation, or local – you will want to experience Kapoho’s stunning water.

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