Keaulepe is a place located in Kauai county in the state of Hawaii. The place has been catalogued as an arch by the US Board of Geographic names and the elevation of the place is about 125 feet.

The place is situated between Kahuana and Kaunuakala in the island of Kauai and is located close to the Lehua Seabird Sanctuary. Nearby destinations in the area include Kahauna cape, Lehua island, Kaunuakala mountains and the Naupaka cape besides the Puukole island.

Landmarks in the area include Kaakuu bay, Keamano bay, the cliff of Kaali and the Keawanui bay. The Lehua channel and Lehua landing is also located nearby. Keaulepe is located with the scenic Keanauhi valley and is a top location for bird watching in the state of Hawaii.

The area attracts birding enthusiasts and the proximity of the Lehua Seabird Sanctuary makes it a hot spot for bird watching games and discovery of new species of birds in the island.

The area of Keaulepe is also a fishing paradise as it attracts fishing enthusiasts who are interested in the wide variety of fishes available in the area and catch them with all the means available. Fishing and outdoor activities are popular in this unique area of the island.

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