Kekaha Beach Park

Kekaha beach park is located in the south western part of the island of Kauai and is a seemingly endless stretch of white sand beach.

The area is known for good sunbathing but swimming is not recommended in the area as the beach is exposed to open ocean with no protection by reefs. Surfing is popular in the beach and in the west end of the beach are surfing points like the first and second ditch.

Shore fishing is also a popular activity in the region besides snorkeling when the water is calm. The beach is frequented by local surfers, body boarders and fishermen and is a long luxurious stretch of sand in the Mana coastal plain.

The area is unprotected from open ocean and as such there are powerful waves in the beach destination. Swimming and surfing are not possible during times of high surf but beach activities include getting lots of sunshine, beach combing and splendid views of Nihau, the forbidden island.

There are strong currents and dangerous waves so visitors should be aware of these while there is a sandy shoreline and sand underwater. The waters of the area takes on the muddy, red tint that is characteristic of the Waimea area.

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