Kua Bay

Kua Bay is one of the cleanest beaches in the world, with it’s crystal clear blue water. Some people have nicknamed the beach Mile 88 because the road to the beach is just South of mile marker 88 on Highway 19. The official name, according to the State of Hawaii, is Manini’owali.

Like many of the white sand beaches on the big island, Kua Bay is on the west side of the island and off the Highway 19. Recently however a paved road has been put in, making the beach easily accessible to residents and tourists alike.

This beach is an excellent place to get in the water and swim, boogie board or just layout and get some sun. There are bathrooms and showers on location. Shade is limited on the beach, but the sun does not feel scorching. It is recommended that you bring some form of shade.

Morning time is the best time to see the crystal clear blue waters and evening time is the best time to see some of the best sunsets in Hawaii. Enjoy!

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