Maalea is a town and district in the central part of the island of Maui in Hawaii. The place is the site of a small boat harbour and also the famous Maui Ocean Centre.
There is wave called Maalea that is the world’s fastest rideable waves and are rideable on large southerly swells.

The area is located south of Wailuku and is perfect for some morning snorkeling, whale watching cruise, visiting the Maui Ocean Centre, get some sunset walks on the Maalea beach or even dinner at some of the best restaurants located in the harbour.

The eight restaurants in the waterfront boasts some best service and best seafood while there are also nine excellent condominiums in Maalea bay area. Popular activities in the area include cruise boat safari at the Maalea harbour, snorkeling trips to the Molokiui Atol, watching Maalea species and the National Humpback Whale Marine Sanctuary besides sea turtles.

Other activities can be swimming, bathing, walking, surfing and wind surfing at Maalea beach where beginners can learn to surf and there are also canoe clubs and fishing. The harbour shops include marine artifacts while the Kealia National Wildlife Refuge offers endangered native birds besides the Kealia beach turtle.

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