Makena State Park

One of a duo of state parks on the Island of Maui, Makena is known for hot, dry and sunny weather and strong currents, dangerous shore breaks and one of the longest and widest white sand shorelines on the island.

Located past the resorts and golf courses of Wailea, this remote beach is popular with experienced swimmers during calm conditions and the young and athletic for board and body surfing during south shore swells.

The beach is truly one of the only remaining wild land beach on the island where park goers and enjoy an ample parking lot, food concession as picnic and bathroom facilities.

Beach goers should bring along their own water and avoid smoking, open fires and alcoholic beverages during their visit.

Makena beach is a part of the larger 164 acre Makena State Park and is open daily between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. Two lifeguard towers are manned between 8am-4p.m.daily.

Makena Beach

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