Moanalua Gardens Park

The Moanalua Gardens Park is a 26 acre privately owned public garden located 5 miles northwest of downtown Honolulu. 

This place is home to various types of plants, trees and historical structures.  It is also famous for the Hitachi tree, a magnificent monkey pod tree, which also serves as a great shade. Other than the beautiful trees, the park has a Koi pond where visitors can feed the fish and the ducks.

This garden is quite popular for recreation and relaxation to both locals and tourists. It is also used for special events such as wedding and birthdays. It has a huge open field area where activities like hula contest and frisbee are being held.

Moanalua Gardens Park is absolutely massive, so there is enough room for everyone. Making it easy to find a spot to play, sit down, lay around, picnic and have a nice meal or a nap. This place is definitely a great place to unwind!

Hitachi Tree

Hitachi Tree



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