Molokini Island Preserve

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Located a few miles off the shore of Maui, Molokini Island Preserve is a small, crescent-shaped volcanic crater, which is partially underwater. In addition to being declared a Hawa`i State Seabird Sanctuary, Molokini has also been a Marine Life Conservation District since 1977. Known for an incredible amount of diversity and unique marine wildlife, Molokini attracts snorkelers and scuba divers from all over the world.

Isolated, Molokini Island lacks soil and is made of solid rock. Not having sediment run off creates crystal clear visibility in the surrounding water, separating it from the rest when it comes to diving. Due to Molokini’s long history of being a preservation site, these fish aren’t shy in the slightest.

Sights include some of the most colorful coral of different shapes and sizes, to schools of vibrant yellow tang or striped banner fish. Visitors are often amazed by this rare opportunity to witness all types of fish and marine life living together.

Boat tours are the most common way of arrival, although experienced paddlers might take the challenge and try kayaking out to the island. For a once in a lifetime experience, get your bikini to Molokini for an unparalleled adventure under the sea!

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