North Loop Coastline Road Hwy 30

The North Loop Coastline Road Hwy 30 is a main road in Maui island of Hawaii and is located in the north coast of the island.

The road can be very narrow at times which can give ideas of a sidewalk but cyclists also use the road so caution should be taken while driving. The road offers amazing views of the cliffs of the island and views of the cities of the island of Maui besides the scenery of the ocean that is beyond these.

There are many places to stop and see the beauty of the region like secluded beaches, whaler towns, cliffs with a blow hole or even stalls selling food items like banana bread. The road moves past Halemahina, the main mountain of the island.

The road hike is definitely worth a trip as there are stunning beaches and also sights like the Dragon teeth, Nakale blow hole, and Olivine pools. Patience should be exercised as some parts of the road can get very windy and there are also sharp curves with narrow loops so one should be able to wait for the incoming traffic to clear.

This side of the island is not developed, so one can see the island at its pristine and natural beauty.

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