Ohe’o Pools

Located nearly 52 miles and 2.5 hours one way from Kahului airport,  a visit to Ohe’o Pools is an all day affair. Known more commonly as the Seven Sacred Pools, it can be found along the Hana Highway in the Kipahulu district of Maui.

Now a part of the National Park system, Ohe’o offers visitors a wonderful idyllic series of natural pools that are fed from by a stream that runs thru the Ohe’o Gulch.

The pools are connected by waterfalls each individual and unique and changes frequently from a trickle to raging depending on the weather conditions.

The water is icy cold but regardless of the water temperatures, many find joy in splashing around at least for a few minutes to cool off after hiking the trails in the area.

The pools are accessible via a short trail from the road and parking area. There is a parking fee levied by the National Park Service which includes access to the pools, hiking trails and other area activities.

Oheo pools image from Wikipedia Commons.

Oheo pools image from Wikipedia Commons.

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