Olivine Pools

A dramatic,swimmable tide pool on bare lava are words that describe the Olivine pools. They are located on the edge of the ocean at the rear of west Maui. The location is remote filled with sandy beaches. It was recently ‘discovered ‘ and has been popularized in the last 15 years. It is now well on the tourists destinations maps.

The area offers hiking experiences that have seen most hiking companies recommending it. Unique about the Olivine pools is a chance to play in the tide pools in the peaceful west Maui coastline. Just to be clear the area is not very big. If you need some alone time with your better half you will need to go early in the morning or late in the evening.

Who is to say these are not romantic times of the day. The road to the Olivine is not the smoothest. This is due to the uneven steep lava rocks. The hike is especially not appropriate or allowed for children. The type of lava on this terrain is sharp pumice stone.

The name olivine was derived from a precious gem found on the lava and the sand stones. The
pools naturally formed on the lava shelves along the west Maui coastline.

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