Onomea Bay Trail

Onomea Bay trail is located 10 minutes north of historic downtown Hilo off of highway 19, near the Hawaii tropical botanical garden.

The trail begins at the top of Kukui point and meanders down the hill into a lush forest cove, where freshwater streams meet the open ocean.

This trail is free of charge, as you are welcome to walk down to various coves, however the Hawaii tropical botanical garden reserves the right to the surrounding areas and you must pay $15.00 to tour the gardens and the vegetation.

onomea bay

Onomea bay trail from the viewpoint.


Hanawi Stream waterfall before it pours into the ocean.

Onomea bay trail

Onomea bay trail vegetation.

Onomea bay trail

Onomea bay stream.

Onomea bay trail

Onomea bay trail vegetation

Parking is limited at this location. If you choose to visit the Hawaii botanical garden there is more parking and the main building is a half mile up the road.

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