Polo Beach

Polo beach is a popular beach in the west coast of the island of Maui and offers great beach relaxation and pleasure. The beach is located in front of the Kealaui resort and is in the north of the five coves.

It is a great snorkeling destination as there is an amazing coral to explore and abundance of colorful fishes especially in the right side of the beach. During the afternoon times winds pick up in the area and snorkeling is not recommended at that time.

There are lots of sand and the beach can be known for various outdoor activities with lots of facilities and amenities like picnic tables, barbecue grills, restrooms and showers. The beach is located south of Kihei and Wailea and there is stretch of sandy beach and lava rock.

Even though there is plenty of sand, the bottom is rocky and winds bring big waves that are suitable for surfing. Swimming and snorkeling are popular beach activities besides boogie boarding. The park area offers shade and is well maintained by the Fairmont resort.

The beach is a nice destination to enjoy the day and there are a variety of activities for children and picnics besides plenty of parking.

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