Pololu Valley

At the very end of Highway 270 you will reach the Pololū Valley. The northern most valley of the majestic Kohala Mountain. The valley forms a deep cut in the side of Kohala Mountain, and is traversed in its entirety by Pololū stream.

The lookout offers stunning views that give you a glimpse into the famous “Valley of the Kings” and black sand beach at the bottom of the valley.

There is a trail that leads to the bottom of this fertile valley, that was renowned for its taro farming.

At the bottom of the valley you will be in a wonderland of black sand and trees. This location is known for currents and swimming is discouraged, however experienced surfers like to take advantage of the waves. Swimming is discouraged and there are no lifeguards on duty. Take caution when entering the water, trying not go any deeper than your shoulders.

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