Rainbow Falls

Rainbow Falls is located just minutes from the heart of Hilo, Hawaii. It is an 80 foot tall and almost 100 foot in diameter waterfall that flows over a natural lava cave, the mythological home to Hina, an ancient Hawaiian goddess.

The Wailuku River rushes into a large pool below the falls, however there is no swimming in the pool below, due to safety reasons. The area above the falls, known as Boiling Pots, occasionally has swimmers, but this is not recommended to swim here, due to fast moving currents and no lifeguards on duty. This is more of a sightseeing attraction than a swimming location. The water is a majestic turquoise color and surrounding rainforest create a picturesque setting.

The falls get it’s name because around 10am in the morning the position of the sun creates a rainbow near the falls.

The falls are part of the Hawai’i State Parks and is open to the public for free of charge.

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