Road to Hana

One of the loveliest drives in the world, the Road to Hana is a all day experience best begun early in the morning and returning before dark. It is 52 miles of narrow roads one lane bridges and challenging curves.

It also is an exceptional display of canopied rainforests, galleries of waterfalls, and scenic coastal views. Since there is only one very expensive gas station and no eateries along most of the ride, a full tank of gas and a picnic lunch is highly recommended.

There are several stopping areas or wayside parks along the way. Each one is more beautiful than the last with gorgeous waterfalls and picnic tables perfect to enjoy an idyllic lunch in tropical beauty.

The end of the road offers several activities including hiking, visiting the grave of Charles Lindbergh and even making a stop at Hasegawa General Store. Otherwise, it’s a lovely relaxed way to enjoy a day road trip in Hawaii.

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Road to Hana Map

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