Save At Least 15% Off Hotels On The Big Island

Save 15% Off Hotels On The Big IslandA Trip to the Big Island can break the bank for some people, but there are ways to save more money on your hotel stay than you probably realized. (Image Credit - Wikipedia Commons)

Traveling to the Hawaiian islands may be a dream on your bucket list, but the trip doesn’t have to be expensive to be memorable. If you have The Big Island on your radar in the future you should be looking to save a little coin on your trip. You want to stay close to the attractions, and want your accommodations to be comfortable. Saving money on vacations doesn’t always have to mean sacrificing luxury or experiences along the way. Here is how we found the best hotel prices.

Unlike a lot of other vacation hot spots, Hawaii tends to be a destination where visitors spend more than just a long weekend. Maybe it’s the cost of airfare, or the rarity that make you want to enjoy the views for much longer. Because of this, the typical Hawaiian vacation tends to last between 5 and 7 days. With that length of stay, the out-of-pocket cost can sure tally up fast. You’re going to need to know where to look to get the best deals on hotels and resorts in Hawaii, if you want to save money.

If you have looked at hotels and resorts online, you have seen the ads of virtually every website offering to save you money. With so many sites guaranteeing the lowest prices, this creates confusion on where to book. Sometimes you just give in and book with the most familiar site you remember from advertisements on TV. Stop right there, here is a way that you can save as least 15% off hotels on The Big Island.

Book Your Hotel With Sears Vacations And Save At 15% Off Hotels On The Big Island

Sears Vacations Hotel Savings

By signing up for a free account at we were able to browse hotel prices well below most other top travel sites.

One of the best kept travel secrets on the web is where anybody can sign up for a free travel membership. Chances are you are familiar with Sears department stores, but we bet you didn’t know that the company also offers online travel too. The Sears Vacations travel program keeps prices low by hiding the savings behind a login, something a little different than you might be used to. Signing up took us a little more than 30 seconds, and that allowed us to browse all of their hotel inventory with deep discounts almost everywhere.

Our first search returned hotel prices in Kailua-Kona ranging from 15-48% off of the lowest prices we found anywhere else. Even using a site like to compare prices across the web Sears Vacations came in as the lowest price. Unlike the other sites that showed the full retail price and then listed their discount from there, Sears Vacations listed their Market Rate as the lowest available discounted rate. Then from there you can apply your discount to save 15% off hotels or more on top of that.

There was no shortage of inventory available in the hotel results either. We counted a total of 176 hotels returned when we did a search in Kailua-Kona, which is practically all of the hotels in the area. Each and every hotel had some amount of additional savings available on it.

What Kind Of Hotel Deals Did We Find?

Ritz-Carlton Kapalua

The Ritz-Carlton Kapalua is a luxurious property that costs a pretty penny to stay at. At nearly half price with Sears Vacations, it was practically a steal. (Image Credit –


We compared the Ritz-Carlton Kapalua which was advertised as a discounted price on the other travel sites at $7,268 for a 7 night stay in September (More than $1,000 per night after taxes). The Sears Vacations price was only $3,927 for the same room, which equates to more than $3,300 in savings. The money you would save should be enough to cover your airfare for 2 people to the islands.


The Hilton Waikoloa Village (located near Dolphin Quest) was listed at only $154 per night for 7 nights with the Sears Vacations account. This equated into a 33% savings off of the best price we could find anywhere else. Totaling up to only $1,080 for a full week on the island. This price should be right up most people’s alley who come to visit Hawaii, and the Hilton is a 4.5 star property to boot.

Hilton Waikoloa Village

You can stay at the Hilton Waikoloa Village, located near the popular Dolphin Quest attraction. (Image Credit –


If pinching pennies is really your thing or you realize that you aren’t going to spend that much time in your hotel room, finding the lowest cost hotel room might be right for you. You can do so many different activities on the island as-is, no need to stay cooped up in some fancy hotel. We found a few hotels for around $50 per night for a full 7-night trip. The cheapest hotel came in at 2.5 stars (still not bad) and only $357 for the whole stay. What makes this even better for you is that the Hale Hale in Pahoa offers either a Double Room or a tree house (yes,a tree house). While you might need to be a special kind of person to want to sleep in a tree house, doing something different is what coming to Hawaii is all about.

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