Sleeping Giant Trail

The Sleeping Giant trail is a unique trail in the Wailua region in the eastern side of the island of Kauai. Also known as the Nounou trail, the trail is along the east side of the mountains and comes to a peak and sheltered picnic area. The vantage viewpoint offers some fascinating views of the ocean, the Wailua river and the Mount Waialeale.

There are no water and other facilities at the trail, so participants should take care to bring along water with themselves and wear appropriate foot wear and sun protection during the trail. The mountain offers some incredible views of the island and the trail climbs for one thousand feet through forests and jungles.

The picnic sheltered area is a popular lookout point in the trail. The steep, rocky footpath can sometimes be slippery when muddy and precautions should be taken for these. The trail is scenic and named after the legendary mountain range that looks like a sleeping giant.

There are beautiful views from the top of the ridge and the trail also leads through lush green flora and bushes that have strawberry guava fruits. The hike is not just offering views of the Pacific Ocean, it is also a great discovery route in the island of discovery in Hawaii.

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