Spouting Horn Park

The Spouting Horn Park is a natural wonder that has water rushing beneath a shelf of lava and eventually bursts through small openings on the surface.

The scene at the Spouting Horn Kauai is magnificent and particularity during sunset hours when the spurts become incandescent with rainbow color producing one unforgettable view. According to a local myth, Spouting Horn Kauai, this part of the Kauai Island was once guarded by a mythical lizard.

A man once strayed into the waters and was attacked by the lizard and while escaping was trapped underneath the lava shelf. This explains the groaning sounds emanating from one of the blowholes at the Spouting Horn Park. Spouting Horn Park is a great destination for sightseeing.

However due to the risk of injuries arising from getting to close to the blowholes, the park has a protected overlook that visitors to the park enjoy the view from. There are various signs warning visitors not to venture out towards the lava shelf owing to the previous injuries and fatalities arising from the same.

There are several access roads to the park which makes it easily accessible to visitors both by road and natural trails. The park provides the best dramatic effects during sunset and high tides.

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