Stairway to Heaven/Haiku Stairs

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Located on O`ahu’s Windward side is one of the most majestic hikes, but also one of the most dangerous and most forbidden.

Stairway to Heaven. Image courtesy TripAdvisor.

The Stairway to Heaven is a 2,120 foot ascent on 3,992 stairs which takes hikers high above the Ko`olau Mountain Range where gorgeous, panoramic views await those who make the hike.

The Stairway to Heaven, also known as Haiku Stairs, was originally wooden stairs built by the U.S. Military during WWII so they could access a radio antennae located at the top of the mountain.

The stairs were replaced with steel steps in the 1950s when the Coast Guard took over a Navigation Station at the top of the mountain.

In the 1980s, the hike became closed to hikers but many attempt to still climb the stairs despite a guard being posted at the entrance to the hike and threats of being cited by the Honolulu Police Department.

For those who have made it to top, they can enjoy stunning views of Windward O`ahu from the Pu`u Keahiakahoe Summit.

The hike is extremely dangerous and illegal to partake in—along with vertical ladders perched perilously along the mountain, there are also dangerous ridgeline trails with just inches for hikers to walk along.

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