Top 10 Adventure Tours on Maui

Adventure tours on Maui, are sure to rejuvenate the soul and offer you an experience of a lifetime. Whether its an adventure tour by air, sea or land Maui has you covered.

ATV Tours

For a true off-road adventure, ride your own two-seater ATV through the slopes of the West Maui Mountains. Enjoy breathtaking views of Lahaina, Kaanapali and the island of Lanai and Molokai on the horizon.

Bike Down Haleakala

Take an early morning van ride up to Haleakala crater for an amazing sunrise and then ride a bike back down to town. What could be better than riding downhill? Gorgeous views and a beautiful, easy ride down the hill followed by lunch in town.

Helicoptor Tours

Hop on a helicopter for a beautiful aerial tour of Maui and its neighbor island, Molokai. See the entire island from above or choose a tour of Hana & Haleakala or of West Maui and Molokai.


Take an adventurous hiking tour in Maui’s wonderful waterfalls or even on the lunar-like landscape of Maui’s 10,000 foot tall volcano, Haleakala. Swim under 10 to 40 foot waterfalls and jump off rock ledges into the waterfall pools. Hike the “Seven Sacred Pools” near Hana or take a hike through steep volcanic terrain in lush tropical rainforests!

Horseback Riding

Several working ranches on Maui offer horseback riding tours. Enjoy incredible views while riding through Maui mountains. Private tours based on your ability provide an adventurous outing for any skill level including beginners.


Fly off the back deck of a boat like a giant kite against the horizon! Anyone can do it, there is nothing to learn and no experience is necessary. You are harnessed to the boat and both takeoff and landing are gentle and safe. For the adventurous, ask to add a free-fall effect during your ride!

Scuba, Snorkel & Snuba Tours

Jump on a morning boat ride out to Molokini crater for some amazing water adventures. If you are scuba certified, you can dive right off the boat. Or, snorkel in one of the most beautiful places in the world! For the adventurous, try snuba, which is like scuba diving but a lot easier. You breathe compressed air through a regulator and can stay underwater for 30 minutes – without wearing a heavy tank!


Learn to surf on Maui! It is a lot easier than you might think. But take a lesson, there are some tips that the awesome Maui surf instructors will teach you that make it easy to catch the waves. Surf schools actually guarantee that you will get up and ride those amazing Maui waves!

Waterfall Rappelling

Stand at the top of a 60 foot cliff and “go over the edge!” It isn’t as hard or dangerous as it appears and you will love the thrill. Your first rappel is a practice one and then you will have two waterfall “drops.” Rappelling on Maui happens in a beautiful and magical valley on the Road to Hana. Don’t miss this wonderful adventure tour!


Some say ziplining feels like flying without an airplane! It is fun and addictive and one of the most popular vacation activities on Maui. For a fun adventure, choose one of the many ziplines on Maui and go for a ride. Soar above inaccessible areas of Maui and see panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean and the islands of Lanai and Molokai.

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