Top 14 Hawaiian Destination Getaways

Hawaii is an absolutely magical state with a plethora of scenic destinations. The sea salt air will kiss your nose. The warm tropical sun dances upon your skin. Revitalizing your body and spirit it simply a part of Hawaiian life. There are endless breathtaking destinations, but Live in Hawaii Now has narrowed it down to our top 14 Hawaiian Destination Getaways. If you’re looking for some of the best tours Hawaii has to offer, check out H Tours Hawaii.


Kihei, Maui

Located on Maui’s southwest shore, Kihei is perfect for sunshine and waves. Kihei is known for being free from rainclouds making it a great spot for people looking to avoid the jungle rain. The National Wildlife Conservation District preserves endangered Hawaiian birds, like coots and stilts, making Kihei a great place for bird watching.

Kona, Big Island

Kona is one of the most iconic locations in Hawaii. Kona is known for its world famous coffee, gorgeous beaches, and history. Explore early heiau (temples), petroglyphs, and fishponds at Kaloko-Honokohau National Historic Park. South Kona’s waters are calm and crystal clear, perfect for relaxation.

Kailua, Oahu

Kailua, Oahu is a serene beach town only 30-minuts from Hawaii’s urban giant, downtown Honolulu. This remote location is settled over the Koolau Mountains making it a great place to escape. The windward beach town is a world renowned windsurfing destination; thousands of athletes visit this spot yearly. Practice your sport or become inspired by professionals in Kailua.The Perfect Wave

Lihue, Kauai

Lihue, Kauai is one of the most highly respected towns in all of Kauai. It is Kauai’s governmental hub and commercial center. Lihue is a great destination if you are looking for an active vacation filled with countless exploration. Here, you will find endless resorts and natural wonders alike. There is always something to do in Lihue.

Kapa’a, Kauai

For some people, their holiday is not complete without shopping. Kapa’a, Kauai is the perfect destination if you want to stay connected and centrally located. Kapa’a, Kauai is the home of shopping centers like Wailua Shopping Plaza, Coconut Marketplace, and Kinipopo Shopping Village. Kapa’a is the ideal destination for people who want Hawaii’s sand and beach without sacrificing their daily comforts.Dive Two Steps

Lahaina, Maui

Lahaina, Maui is a unique historical location. It harnesses a space for modern art galleries, restaurants, and entertainment while till paying homage to its history. In the early nineteenth century, Lahaina was the capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom. As you stroll down Front Street you will feel the energy of old Lahaina. Lahaina is on the National Register of Historic places.

Hana, Maui

Settled along Maui’s jagged eastern coastline, lies the quiet town of Hanna. Hanna is one of the last areas of Maui that has not been bought out by hotels and resort. It is remote. If you want an authentic, local experience you will find it here.  Hanna is rooted in Hawaiian tradition and beauty. It is home to Hana Beach Park which is regarded as one of the most stunning beaches in the Pacific.

Hilo, Big Island

Painted with fruitful gardens, lively rainforests, and powerful waterfalls; Hilo is the opening of the volcanic Kohala Coast. Drive 45 minutes south and you will reach Hawaii’s Volcanoes National Park. Hilo is known for its spirited community. There are a number of lovely museums in Hilo, like Imiloa Astronomy Center, Pacific Tsunami Museum, and Lyman Museum.big island lava flow

Haleiwa, Oahu

Haleiwa is located along Oahu’s North Short. Home to the famous beaches of Waimea Bay, you’ll find ample opportunities for sun and surf. Haleiwa is known for having a peaceful but vibrant social scene. In Haleiwa you will be inspired by art without the loudness of a large urban environment.

Pa’ia, Maui

Colorful, unique storefronts frame Pa’ia, Maui. Pa’ia is on the North Shore making it prone to massive waves; it is perfect for professional surfers of all varieties. While the shaky water is not recommended to beginners there are plenty of wonderful beaches to sunbathe and watch the professionals. If you want to go for a dip, checkout Baldwin Beach Park which has a stunning shallow lagoon.

Waimea, Big island

Inland from the volcanic Kohala Coast rests Waimea. The Kohala Coast is distinct form any other place on the Big Island. Waimea is place of green pastures and rolling hills. Farming and cowboys. Waimea is the perfect destination for horseback riding and relaxation. Take a scenic drive from Waimea to Hawi and visit the awe-inspiring Pololu Valley which overlooks the Hamakua Coast.

Waimea Canyon

Waikoloa, Big Island

Waikoloa is committed to preserving Hawaii’s beauty. The community’s effort is immediately evident. Waikoloa has miles of endless pristine beaches; it an unforgettable destination. Surround yourself in pristine nature in a place that celebrates the environment. In Waikoloa you will find your place, find your smile.

Waikiki, Oahu

Waikiki, Oahu is the perfect location for 5-star resorts and endless fun. There are ample opportunities for travel, adventure, and relaxation at this splendid destination. Waikiki is in the center of Oahu making it an ideal launching point for countless explorations. It is central to a number of Oahu’s greatest attractions, like Lolani Palace, Hanauma Bay, and Peal Harbor.image

Ko’Olina, Oahu

In Hawaiian, Ko’Olina translates to, “Place of Joy”. This dream destination is surrounded by sweeping ocean paired with endless mountain views. It has a steady thread of lagoons that are ideal for relaxation. Ko’Olina is known for its lovely beach coves perfect for a romantic hideaway.


You are bound to have an astounding time in Hawaii, regardless of your destination. Hawaii is a place for mind-blowing wonder. An experience that will live on in your heart long after you leave the tropical paradise. Start arranging your dazzling Hawaiian holiday.


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