Top 15 Facebook pages to Follow Before you visit Hawaii

Facebook, is an excellent resource for insight information on local businesses and people. Before you visit Hawaii, checkout these 15 Facebook pages. You’ll be ready to take on the great pacific but you’ll really just want to float easy. If you’re looking for tours and activities on all the islands, CLICK HERE.


Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are made of eight primary islands in the Pacific Ocean: Niihau, Kahoolawe, Lanai, Molokai, Kauai, Maui, Oahu, and Hawaii (Big Island). Each island has traits that make it unique but all are beautiful. Hawaiian Islands highlights the natural beauty of all eight islands on their Facebook page. If your planning a Hawaiian holiday but you’re not sure where to start, begin here. Hawaiian Islands is an excellent resource for travel lovers.

Live in Hawaii

Hawaii is more than physically gorgeous, it ‘s a lifestyle. Live in Hawaii pays tribute to the stunning landscape by honoring the islands. The Live in Hawaii Facebook page is filled with otherworldly photos of island life. Breathtaking photographs depicting endless white sand beaches and the crystal clear pacific. Live in Hawaii wants to ensure the islands beauty is protected for generations to come.  Visit Live in Hawaii, for stunning digital imagery and a greater environmental awareness.

Pride of Maui

Maui is home to the world’s largest dormant volcano. Thirty miles, of the stunning island is covered in a blanket of white, black, and red sand. There are countless wonders that make Maui unique, at Pride of Maui you can digitally discover this tropical paradise. In Wailuku, Hawaii, Pride of Maui takes a physical form — it is a yacht.  The yacht is famous for its stability and comfort but does not sacrifice excitement. Go snorkeling –  witness majestic sunsets – scuba dive with a school of Maui reef fish. You can begin planning your adventure on Pride of Maui’s Facebook page.

Big Island Flow

Big Island flow shares information from the Pacific Islands of Hawaii to Southeast Asia. On this page you will have access to endless information that will keep you engaged and intrigued. Regardless of where you’re traveling in the Pacific, Big Island Flow is a fabulous resource. Big Island flow specializes in adventure travel and informational news about island life. Big Island Flow is absolutely a page you will want to bookmark as you being to plan your tropical getaway.

Go Oahu

Oahu is home to the state capital of Hawaii, Honolulu. Oahu is known for the iconic beach Waikiki, its active urban life, and Pearl Harbor. Of course, there are many elements of Oahu that cannot be listed or captured in words. Go Oahu, uses its page to share the beauty of Oahu from a local’s perspective. On this page, you’ll get a better feel of Oahu along with access to valuable travel information, like public transit and car rentals. Be sure to check out Go Oahu before visiting the island.

My Kailua

My Kailua is a fantastic resource and online community for the people who call Kailua home. You can use this page to learn about upcoming community events. Discover local festivals and farmers’ markets, in Kailua. Learn new tasty recipes and share stories. My Kailua is interested in hearing all peoples’ experiences with the island, share your story. Build friendships with your community members on this helpful page.

808 Viral

For the latest in popular viral videos straight from Hawaii, visit 808 Viral. 808 Viral is a digital multimedia platform designed to entertain. This page creates content with islanders in mind.  If you are familiar with island life, you’ll find yourself busting out laughing. 808 Viral has a strong following that truly feels connected. Visit 808 Viral for a good laugh especially when your locked on the Main Land.

Hawaii News Now

For reliable news coverage, follow Hawaii News Now on Facebook. Hawaii News Now is a broadcasting and media production company in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hawaii News Now reports local, domestic, and international news. Hawaii News Now will keep you up to date on the latest in weather, politics, and entertainment. If you are living in Hawaii, you will want Hawaii News Now in your Newsfeed.

Epic Lava Tours

The Big Island has some of the most visual stunning volcanoes in the world. Volcanoes National Park is known for it ‘s stunning, immaculate views of some of the world’s greatest volcanoes.  Epic Lava tours makes it easy to find the park’s greatest features. If you want a personal, customized tour, Epic Lava Tours can help; design a tour that matches your niche interests. Epic Lava Tour is perfect page for travelers who really want to make a boom. If you’re visiting Hawaii, be sure to check out this page before your vacation.

The Merrie Monarch Festival

The Merrie Monarch Festival is famous in the state of Hawaiian and internationally acclaimed. The festival begun in 1963 by Hawaii Island Chamber of Commerce. Today, the festival continues to cultivate a greater appreciation of Hawaiian culture and the art of hula. The Merrie Monarch Festival Facebook page is maintained by the TV producers of the Merrie Monarch broadcasts. The moderators mention their page is not representative of the festival but of the fans. If you have been or interesting in attending the Merrie Monarch Festival, be sure to follow this page.

Aloha Stoked

As a visitor, it can be difficult to know where to go. Determining what’s a tourist trap often happens too late. Don’t get stuck in the crowd. Aloha Stoked has created Maui’s ultimate visitor guide. On this page you will discover the best attractions and locations in Maui. The page is maintained by traveler and explorer, Kalani Prince. Kalani Prince provides followers with a first hand experience as he explores Maui. Make Aloha Stocked your guide as you discover Maui.

Ocean Defender

Our oceans need help. Ocean Defender understands the importance of cleaning and perceiving our precious marine resources. Ocean Defender is a trademarked company created to initiate environmental awareness. Our planet is in need of a conscious movement designed for restoration of our oceans. On Ocean Defender’s page, you will be able to join a community of people dedicating to saving the ocean. Ocean Defender believes restoration begins with education. If you share this message, follow Ocean Defender on Facebook.

Hawaii with Kawika

Kawika Singson’s life philosophy is to live with an open heart and mind. Singson’s simply but wise philosophy is reflected in his photography. Singson captures Hawaii’s grace with precession and intangible passion. Singson’s Facebook page, Hawaii with Kawika, documents his photographic pilgrimage into Hawaii unknown. Follow this page for unfiltered Hawaiian beauty. Singson’s contact information is on Hawaii with Kawika, you can contact him if you’re look for a professional, talented photographer.


Uheheu is the Hawaiian for, to fly. Uheheu has adopted this traditional word and centered their organization around it. Uheheu shares aerial photos and videos of the natural wonder of oceanic life. This page offers stunning photos and media of Hawaiian natural life like you’ve never seen before. Uheheu works to sustain the ocean’s beauty, working with organization like Pacific Whale Foundation and Hawaii Wildlife Fund. Get involved. Protect the pacific. You can begin by following Uheheu on Facebook.

Island of Maui

Maui is second largest and second youngest island in the Hawaiian Archipelago. Thousands of people flock to Maui every year for it’s tropical beauty. The island is undeniably gorgeous but it also provides an ideal atmosphere for self growth. The Facebook page, Island of Maui captures the island’s endless marvels. Let your heart fill with love as you view Island of Maui’s media. If your visiting Maui, you’ll be happy to know of this resource – Island of Maui.




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