Top 15 Maui Hikes

Maui is a great place in Hawaii to embark on a hiking adventure and the variety of topography and culture makes it an awesome hiking hotspot. With views over looking ancient lava fields, rainforests, waterfalls, beach trails and so much more!

Maui Hikes

Haleakala National Park is a great park to do some hiking and one can climb up to the summit that looks like a yawning mouth with the crater of a volcano and moonscape landscape beneath that looks awesome in the mist and sunrise along with cool cider trees.

Waihee Ridge Trail is a unique trail that leads through tropical flora, breezy ridgelines and some lush valley scenery besides the lofty view of the wild northern coast of Maui and the central valley.

Iao Valley State Park offers some unique walking paths that boast views of mountain greenery, the lush surroundings and the quirkiness of sheer peaks rising from the ground like the Iao needle and nevertheless offers a dream scenery.

Oheo Gulch is an awesome place to do some hiking as there are streams, pools and waterfalls and the beauty of Hawaiian flora. Some of the streams turn brown due to landslides and are sometimes closed for swimming because of flash floods.

Lahaina Pali West is a unique hiking path that offers gorgeous views of the dry and rugged landscape besides the chance to snorkel in the long and sandy Papalaua beach and one can also spot some whales and a view of Lanai island in the background.

Kapalua Coastal Trail is an awesome trail that connects Kapalua and Oneloa beach and one should be careful of nesting birds around and can also visit native Hawaiian sites that are of great cultural significance to the locals.

Pipiwai trail is a beautiful hiking path that offers picturesque views of waterfalls on the way and some mango and guava trees and the landscape of green ferns that make it a natural wonder.

Bamboo forest is another great place to do some hiking as the forest of thick bamboo groves not just look refreshing, the trees also band musically for the inclined besides the presence of the Waimoku falls that has a shallow pool underneath where swimming is not encouraged.

Twin Falls in Maui offer the hiking enthusiast the chance to swim in the pool under a great waterfall amidst the beauty of the tropical rainforest. There is also a rope to swing for the adventure lover.

Nakalele Blowhole is a great place to do some hiking upto and the water spout looks gorgeous in the Hawaiian landscape and roars when the surf is up and is calm when the sea is calm. There is also a moonscape of lava rocks that add to the beauty of the surroundings.

Olivine Pools are some incredibly clear pools that can rejuvenate the hiker and these waters are known for olivine minerals where one can take a bath but should be careful of slippery rocks and powerful surf.

Red Sand Beach is a great place to do some nude sunbathing after some avid hiking and the beach is also noted for unique rich red sand and the turquoise blue waters of the ocean. There is also a lava outcrop that shines in the landscape.

Waianapanapa State Park offers hiking trail that offers the beauty of native Hawaiian sites and the chance to swim in a cave and the possibility of sunbathing in a black sand beach. There is also a trail to the cove and is marked by cultural significance.

Seven Sacred Pools offers the hiker the chance to view some series of cascading pools in a state park with the waterfalls surrounded by an amazing rainforest.

Hana Lava Tube offers the chance for underground walking with flashlight in a mammoth cave that has ancient lava flows and is surrounded by rocks and a botanical garden nearby.

The hiking trails in Maui are not just gorgeous, they also offer variety of landscape and a chance to dwell amidst natural beauty and ancient culture.

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