Wailea Beach Path

Wailea beach path is a unique path in the island of Maui and one of the most beautiful walkways in the island. The path begins at a park north side of Polo beach and is about 1.5 miles in length.

The path is generally flat but some sections are uphill so caution should be exercised while traversing the path. The path passes by luxurious world class resorts like the Kealaui, Four Seasons, Grand Wailea, Renaissance and Marriott hotels which are big names in the accommodations offerings in the island of Hawaii.

Close by the path are the largest outdoor marine ponds in the area of Hawaii rich in a variety of marine life species. The path covers five public beaches which are all of different character but all of them offer great swimming and snorkeling areas. The five beaches are separated by wide stretches of lava rock and also tide pools.

The landscaped grounds of the resorts are also great places and treasures to explore. The Hawaiian Coastal Gardens at Wailea Point are about half miles long and home to some sixty native plants species. Throughout the hike there are great views of the Molokiui island, Kahoolaue and Lanai island.

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