Waimoku Falls

The Waimoku falls is a beautiful waterfall and one of the tallest in the island of Maui. The water drops four hundred feet down a vertical cliff and into a shallow pool and offers some breathtaking scenery in the island.

The waterfall is accessible by the Pipiwai trail which is about three kilometers and begins near the Oheo Gulch and the seven sacred ponds. The Pipiwai trail is one of the best hikes in the island of Maui and passes through beautiful bamboo forests and vegetations like fern, mango, guava, banyan trees.

The immense bamboo forest is a big sight in the trail besides that of a smaller waterfall in the way which is also quite beautiful. It is not possible to swim in the waters of the pool of the Waimoku falls as the pool is too shallow.

It is also dangerous to stand under the waterfalls for the falling rocks and debris which can occur. The amount of water gushing down the waterfalls is also variable depending on the weather and during times of rain, the amount of water is much larger than during dry times.

Hiking should be avoided in the rainy weather and care should be taken crossing streams as flash floods can occur. The waterfalls are close to the Haleakala national park popular with tourists.

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