Waipio Valley

Known as the “Valley of the Kings,” Waipiʻo Valley is located in the Hamakua District of the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. “Waipiʻo” means “curved water” in the Hawaiian language.

With stunning views from the lookout point only those with 4-wheel drive vehicles or an urge to hike ever make it to the bottom. The 4×4 rule is strictly enforced at the top of the valley by a manned booth.

The fertile valley was once home to taro and poi farmers, before a series of tsunamis flooded the valley. Today there is only a handful of homes in the valley.

Once down at the bottom of the valley there is a beach that is fed by fresh water. If you follow that stream inland you will come across some of the most dramatic scenery on the island, including towering waterfalls and a lush jungle.

Waipio Valley lookout.

Waipio Valley cliffs from the lookout point.


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